Seasons of the Glitter Wolf

Hello, Dear Readers!

When I conceptualized of Glitterus Wolfus, I imagined building a media empire that would release the kind of stories I want to consume- both fantasy and nonfiction that celebrate being yourself to the utmost degree. Media that educates, entertains, and inspires, and creates positive role models for those of us with unconventional identities who are underrepresented in popular media.

When I launched Glitterus Wolfus, I saw it as something I could dedicate the rest of my life to.

My immediate obstacles were how to build an audience, and how to make videos with my barely functioning filming and editing set up. Although I managed to pull together a handful of videos, my solution to both of these issues was just to start releasing something. Anything.

I started pumping out writing since I find it fast and easy to produce. Writing is also a great first step, as it can be turned into a book or a movie or any number of things. Plus it got me in the habit of regular release.

Then I started slacking. It’s not so much that I ran out of things to say, but I did run short on subjects that fit with the brand I want to create.

Instead of continuing with my regular Glitterus Wolfus release, my biggest creative outlet became the performance art of drag. In Spring of 2015, I began performing drag weekly.

Everything I’ve released through Glitterus Wolfus so far has reached a fairly small audience. I’m very grateful for the occasional comments from people who were affected by my writing, but it usually felt like writing for the void. I am proud that my first Glitterus Wolfus video, a drag craft instructional, has garnered over 3000 views, (massively more than any other videos on my channel) and I am eager to make more videos with that kind of appeal.

With drag, the connection to the audience, small or large, is palpable. I’ve spent my whole life making art for myself, and starting Glitterus Wolfus was a major step in creating for an audience, but nothing can give the rush that live performance gives. When I do drag, the audience is reacting in real time, I feed off their energy and they feed off my energy. Drag, and specifically Tuesday night’s Meow Mix show, which recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary at Stud SF, is an incredibly supportive environment. No idea or identity I wish to present is too strange for the Meow Mix stage. I’ve made great connections and grown hugely as a human and an artist, and I’ve kept in the habit of presenting something new every week, ready for audience consumption. (More on that soon!)

I’ve seen my drag as a continuation of Glitterus Wolfus, perhaps bridged by posting on Instagram (@glitteruswolfus) where I show my artistic process, drag and otherwise, alongside me living my authentic genderfluid life.

Season One of Glitterus Wolfus was full of personal essaying, queer fiction, and a handful of videos. In Season Two I explored identity and live performance through movement, makeup, costuming, and lip sync, and brought more visibility to my fluid gender identity.

I have big plans for Glitterus Wolfus season three, much of which I’ve hinted at in the past. I won’t go into what I’m plotting here, because I don’t want to jinx it, but I will say I still have the goals to reach a wider audience and make the world a better place.

Bring it on 2016.
It’s time to shine. It’s time to howl.