Madame Josephine’s Favorite People Chapter Index

Madame Josephine’s Favorite People is an in-progress 16 chapter novella whose four central characters; Jesse, Sam Sam, Blair, and Alex are referred to with gender neutral pronouns. While other characters are referred to with he and she, it is up to the reader to decide if the four central characters are male, female, or otherwise.

The chapters alternate perspectives between the four characters who are all tied together through common friends, and through a monthly salon held by the enchanting Madame Josephine. The stories explore the relationships we have with substances, with art, with our families and friends, and with ourselves.

Chapter 1  In Which JesseTries Out Hir Old Man’s Typewriter

Chapter 2  In Which Sam Sam Finds Hirself Still Alive

Chapter 3  In which Blair Falls Asleep in the Grass

Chapter 4  In which Alex Goes to the Aquarium

Chapter 5  In Which Jesse Holds Hir Breath

Chapter 6  In Which Sam Sam Holes Up in Hir Room

Chapter 7  In Which Blair Attends Madame Josephine’s Salon

Chapter 8  In Which Alex Goes Alone

Chapter 9 In Which Jesse Takes a Death Trip

Chapter 10 In Which Sam Sam Has an Unexpected Visitor

Chapter 11 In Which Blaire Saves a Life

Chapter 12 In Which Alex Takes Shots

Chapter 13 In Which Jesse Plans to Record

Chapter 14 In Which Sam Sam Ignites

Chapter 15 In Which Blaire Rocks Out

Chapter 16 In Which Alex Gets Along

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