About Us

Glitterus Wolfus posts content every Wednesday.

Through fiction and non fiction writing, video, and more, Glitterus Wolfus weaves together a colorful cast to show a broad spectrum of what it is possible to be and do with our lives in this world and others.


The mission of Glitterus Wolfus is equality and entertainment for all.

We at Glitterus Wolfus believe in the positive power of good media. Our favorite songs, movies, and books bring us joy and make our lives richer.

It is important that the media we consume shows the diversity of what it is to be human. We don’t want straight men to ever stop saving the world, but we would like our heroes with more variation.

Especially for those of us who are underrepresented in blockbuster movies and best selling books, it can be empowering to see someone in a story who we can identify with. And for those whose identities are more often represented in mainstream media, it is vital that they see positive representations of a wider spectrum of humanity.

Glitterus Wolfus strives to generate fiction and nonfiction stories about people who are not defined by their genders or sexualities, but rather by their humanity; characters who are dimensional and relateable whether they are pansexual or asexual, and whether their gender expression is conventional or not.

The media Glitterus Wolfus releases aims to inspire positivity, individuality, community, acceptance, and creativity.

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